It’s probably impossible to turn an almost three hours long, overwhelming theatre-play into VR theatre. But creating an essence, a fading memory of the evening or of the dramatic setup into an experience that lets you stroll through a dreamlike representation in virtual reality? Let’s do it…

Schauspiel Dortmund and CyberRäuber proudly present ‘The Memories of Borderline’. Using the entire toolset we produced laserscans of the gigantic stageset, took volumetric recordings of actors, made 360° and 180° videos and stills. First presentation will be at ‘Theater und Netz 2017’ (Theater und Netz) and during the Theatertreffen 2017 (Theatertreffen).

Director: Kay Voges
Basis: Die Borderline Prozession – Ein Loop um das, was uns trennt – von Kay Voges, Dirk Baumann und Alexander Kerlin