A Virtual Theatre Experience based on William Shakespeare’s «Romeo and Juliet»

A glance, a fleeting moment was all it took to decide the fate of two lovers, their families and an entire city – the meeting of Romeo and Juliet. In what is possibly the best-known love story of all times, two worlds collide when the children of rivalling families fall in love. Juliet and Romeo meet for the first time at a masquerade ball hosted by the Capulets – an intoxicating evening which evolves into a tragic battlefield of emotions. Does the love between Romeo and Juliet thrive on its impossibility? Does their unquenchable desire for freedom lead them astray? Must their pursuit of self-determination lead to violence?

The artists’ group CyberRäuber creates projects that combine theatre and virtual reality (VR). The new medium offers fascinating possibilities for encounter with the great theatre classics. Following their 2017 production «The Ghost-Seer», the Berlin-based group now invites audiences at the Kunstfest Weimar to explore Shakespeare’s tragic love story in all of its many facets and from different perspectives. Equipped with VR glasses, the viewers of «Meet Juliet, Meet Romeo» assume the role of guests at a masquerade ball. Before their eyes and by simply being there, they witness the romantic encounter and the start of an irreversible tragedy.

Concept CyberRäuber (Björn Lengers, Marcel Karnapke)
Direction Branko Janack
Music Max Nübling
Visual Consulting Cleo Niemeyer
With Bastian Heidenreich, Julius Kuhn, Lutz Salzmann, Isabel Tetzner, Dascha Trautwein

ProductionCyberRäuber – das Theater der virtuellen Realität, Kunstfest Weimar

23.08.2018 Weimar: Medienkunstprojekt “Meet Juliet, meet Romeo” im Rahmen des Kunstfest Weimar. Foto: Thomas Müller