The Theatre of Virtual Reality takes theatre to VR and VR to theatre. Why?

We love theatre and believe in the narrative power of VR: if VR wants to work, it needs interactivity, a feeling for the omnipresence of the audience, focus on performer and action. And it needs powerful stories.
Theatre knows how, for thousands of years and in all human civilisations: VR needs theatre.

We believe in the narrative power of VR and love theatre: good theatre is wonderful. But theatre has lost its place in the center of civic society. VR is a future technology and one way to touch many people. And so to bring good theatre to them, disregarding time or space. And: in VR there are few constraints for creativity. Theatre needs VR.

We started with our project “CyberRäuber” (Friedrich Schiller’s “The Robbers” in VR) in May 2016 and have now opened up to work with other theatre creators and artists, adding to our repertoire. We show our work as theatre installations, as plays you can visit. Coming soon: downloadable content for your VR device.

Marcel Karnapke und Björn Lengers are The Theatre of Virtual Reality.

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